This meeting is an excellent opportunity to present research results and interact with professionals and students interested in bat conservation in the northeastern United States. We hope you will all take the opportunity to attend. We look forward to seeing you in January. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

The 2013 Northeast Bat Working Group Meeting will be held at:

Best Western Albany Airport Inn
200 Wolf Rd.
Albany, NY 12205
518 458-1000

This meeting site is a short distance from Albany International Airport, ALB. All guests receive complimentary shuttle service.

This hotel has renovated rooms, free wifi and updated amenties. The event room rate is $79.00 and includes a full hot breakfast buffet. Rooms are not guaranteed at this point, but the hotel will honor the meeting rate assuming rooms are available. Parking is free. Reservation should be made directly with Best Western Albany. Mention the NEBWG meeting to receive the discounted rate.

In addition to hotel breakfasts for registered guests, inclusive breaks plus one luncheon during the meeting, Wolf Rd. offers a wide selection of nearby dining options.

Meeting registration is $75.00. You may register online through Paypal or by check at the event.

Abstract submittal deadline is 01 December 2012. Authors will be selected and notified by 07 December 2012. Authors submitting abstracts must register for the conference at the same time. Download call for presentations.

Pre-registration is now closed. Registration by cash or check only onsite.

Sessions will begin at Noon on Wednesday, January 9 and conclude at Noon on Friday January 11.

The Northeastern Cave Conservancy, Inc. is serving as meeting co-host and is providing event logistic support.

Michael Fishman will be organizing the program.

Meeting Sponsors:

Platinum Level Sponsor Wildlife Accoustics

Silver Level Sponsor Bat Conservation and Management, Inc

Silver Level Sponsor Speleobooks

Silver Level Sponsor

Bronze Level Sponsor Avinet

Bronze Level Sponsor Titley Scientifc USA

Additional Sponsorships Welcome. Contact Emily for details.

Added Events:

There is a pre-meeting discussion on the topic of UV use in WNS work scheduled for Wednesday A.M. hosted by John Gumbs and John Chenger. This is a no-fee event.

A SonoBat Software Training Workshop will be held post meeting hosted by Bat Conservation and Management, Inc. and SonoBat. Seperate SonoBat Workshop preregistration is required. This event will begin at the conclusion of the NEBWG meeting on Friday and run through midday Sunday the 13th.

All Sessions and Workshops are in the Ballroom
DRAFT 12.12.12
DAY 1: Wednesday, 09 January 2012
Member State Updates, NEBWG Business Meeting, Committee Updates

9:00 AM Introduction to UV Workshop John Gumbs

General Session 1: Member State Updates
12:50 PM Welcome, Introductions: State Updates (Moderator: Michael Fishman)
1:00 Maine/Quebec/Massachusetts and other absentee summary
1:15 New Hampshire Emily Brunkhurst
1:30 Vermont Scott Darling
1:45 Massachusetts Tom French (invited)
2:00 Rhode Island Charles Brown
2:15 Connecticut Kate Moran

2:30 3:00 BREAK - Legal Stimulant Beverages and Refreshments Served
General Session 1 (continued)
3:00 New York Carl Herzog
3:15 Ohio Jennifer Norris
3:30 Pennsylvania Cal Butchkoski
3:45 Maryland Dan Feller
4:00 New Jersey Mike Valent
4:15 Delaware Holly Niederriter
4:30 West Virginia Craig Stihler
4:45 Virginia Rick Reynolds

5:00 5:15 BIO-BREAK

General Session 2: NEBWG Business Meeting and Committee Updates
5:15 Business Meeting and Other Committee Updates (Moderator: Mike Fishman)
* NEBWG, Inc. Mike Fishman
* update John Chenger
* Committee Updates: Wind Energy Guidelines (Rick Reynolds); Others...
* 2014 NASBR Emily Davis
* NEBWG 2014 Nomination
* New Business

6:30 Dinner (on your own)

Evening Session
8:00 9:00 Informal Committee Meeting Time (Committee Chairs to Coordinate)
8:00 12:00 Networking and Recreational Consumption Hospitality Suite* or On Your Own

DAY 2: Thursday, 10 January 2012
General Sessions

General Session 3: WNS Pitfalls & Progress Moderator: Al Hicks
8:30 AM WNS National Update Jeremy Coleman, USFWS
8:50 WNS Effects on Eastern States Carl Herzog (double slot), NYS Dept. Of Environ. Conservation
9:10 WNS Effects on Eastern States Carl Herzog (double slot)
9:30 Diagnostic Fluorescence of WNS Lesions in Bat Wing Membranes Greg Turner, PA Game Com.
9:50 Changes to Bat And Aquatic Communities Due to White-Nose Syndrome Kate Miller
10:10 10:30 BREAK - Legal Stimulant Beverages Served

General Session 4: What Do We Hear About Acoustics? Moderator: John Chenger
10:30 Using Auto Classifiers for Acoustic Surveys: Do Results Reflect Reality? Janet Tyburec
10:50 Comparison of Automated and Manual Acoustic Identification Methods Trevor Peterson
11:10 Ongoing Offshore Acoustic Bat Research in the Atlantic and Great Lakes Reg. Steve Pelletier
11:30 Doubting Thomas Probably Did Not Own An Anabat Mark Ford
11:50 A Field Test of Two Acoustic Classification Systems to Discriminate Indiana Bats Joe Szewczak
12:10 Mobile Platforms for Acoustic Monitoring at Off-Shore Wind Project Sites D. Scott Reynolds

12:30 1:30 Lunch (Provided on the Pool Deck)

General Session 5: Monitoring Bat Populations and Activity Moderator: Robyn Niver
1:30 Changes in Bat Activity Over 4 Years at Dunnville Bat Monitoring Station Derek Morningstar
1:50 Relative Reduction of Myotis Activity in Long Term Acoustic Surveys Sarah Boyden
2:10 Bats of Long Island Michael Fishman
2:30 A Synopsis of 2012 Indiana Bat Captures in WV's Northern Panhandle Carl Anderson
2:50 Bat Summer Distribution Models for New York State Kelly Perkins
3:10 Impacts of WNS on Bats at Great Swamp NWR, NJ Jennifer Bohrman

3:30 BREAK Legal Stimulant Beverages and Refreshments Served

General Session 6: Mortality and Mitigation: Assessing Impacts Moderator: Noelle Rayman
4:00 The Bloomsburg WindJET: A Wildlife Sensory Impact Assessment John Huckins
4:20 Environmental Variables Related to Tree Bat Kills at Wind Turbines Across NY Kelly Perkins
4:40 Band Retention, Band-Related Mortality, and Winter Handling of MYLU Al Hicks

5:00 Dinner (on your own)

Evening Session 7
7:00 8:00 Indiana Bat Survey Protocol Update Robyn Niver
8:00 12:00 Networking and Recreational Consumption Hospitality Suite* or on your own

DAY 3: Friday, 11 January 2013
General Sessions and Close

General Session 8: Research, Conservation, and Management Potpourri Moderator:
8:30 Uncertainty in Home Range Estimates of Little Brown Bats Laci Coleman
8:50 The Survivors: A Summer Sketch of Myotis lucifugus and Myotis septentrionalis Cindy Hauser
9:10 Brandenbark(tm) Mitigation & Habitat Enhancement Tool for Tree Bark Roosting Bats Josh Adams
9:30 Calling a Spade a Spade (Or a Chicken) Al Hicks
9:50 Conservation and Recovery Working Group Update Robyn Niver
10:10 Eastern Small-footed Bat (Myotis leibii) Ecology at Acadia National Park Tim Divoll

10:30 BREAK Legal Stimulant Beverages and Refreshments Served (Don't forget to check out of hotel!)

General Session 9: House Bats and Bat Houses Moderator:
11:00 Vermont's Got Bats? Campaign Allysa Bennett, VT F&W Dept
11: 20 Appalachian Summer Bat Roost Counts in PA Cal Butchkowski
11:40 House Bat Exclusion John Chenger

12:00 Wrap Up, Closing Comments

5:00 Sign in for the Sonobat Acoustic Software Workshop; Workshop starts promptly at 6:00 pm.
*Hospitality Suite will be in the Shaker Room

---- ---- ----

Contact Emily Davis 518 295 7978 for registration and general event information. We look forward to seeing everyone in Albany in January.

Participants List as of 01/07/13. 119 attendees registered.

First Name Last Name Association
Josh Adams Copperhead Environmental Consulting
Erin Adams
Carl Anderson Biodiversity Research Institute
Dan Arling Monongahela National Forest
Amanda Bailey NY State DEC
Virginia Balke Delaware Tech. Community College
Dorothy Barr Harvard University
Jack Basiger Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.
Merlin Benner Wildlife Specialists
Jennifer Bohrman Fish and Wildlife Service
David Bonomo
Neil Bossart Pittsburgh Wildlife &Environmental Inc
Kaliopi Bousses Delaware Tech. Community College
Sarah Boyden Stantec
Charlie Brown R.I. Division of Fish and Wildlife
Sarah Brownlee-Bouboulis Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Amanda Brumbaugh Sanders Environmental Inc.
Emily Brunkhurst NH Fish & Game
Cal Butchkoski PA Game Commission
Bryan Butler Bat Conservation and Management
John Chenger Bat Conservation and Management
Michael Clark NY State DEC
Laci Coleman Virginia Tech
Jason Collins Sanders Environmental Inc.
Martyn Cooke
Brian Cooper Pit
Chris Corben Titley Scientific
Traci Cummings WVDOH
Scott Darling Vermont Fish & Wildlife Dept.
Emily Davis Speleobooks
Timothy Divoli Biodiversity Research Institute
Chris Dobony
Rick Doyle WVDNR
Laura Eaton US Fish and Wildlife Service
Laura Eaton Great Bay NWR
Lindsey Fenderson US Fish and Wildlife Service
Jonathan Fiely Biodiversity Research Institute
Michael Fishman Barton & Loguidice
Mark Ford Virginia Tech
Brianna Gary NY State DEC
mario Giazzon
Katie Gillies Bat Conservation International
Jeff Gruver
John Gumbs BATS Research Center
MacKenzie Hall Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ
Jim Hart Wildlife Specialists
Aimee Haskew Bat Conservation and Management
Christopher Hauer Dept of Bio, East Stroudsburg University
Cynthia Hauser PA Game Commission
Nancy Heaslip NY State DEC
Carl Herzog NY State DEC
Baden Hoffman Alliance Consulting, Inc.
John Huckans  Bloomsburg University
Morgan Ingalls Antioch U. & Northeastern Cave Conservancy
Lauren Johnson Stantec
Kim Livingood Titley Scientific
Adam Mann GAI Consultants Inc
Jeremy Markuson
Lisa Masi NY State DEC
Dr. Brooke Maslo Rutgers University
Mollie Matteson Center for Biological Diversity
Cynthia Maynard
Elizabeth McGovern Dept of Bio, East Stroudsburg University
Christopher McKinney
Cara Meinke WEST, Inc.
Elise Merrill Sanders Environmental Inc.
Kate Miller Wesleyan University
sydney Morgan WVDOH
Derek Morningstar Golder Associates
Holly Niederriter Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife
Robin Niver US Fish and Wildlife Service
Paul Novak NY State DEC
Kathleen O'Connor NY State DEC
Michael O'Mahony Normandeau Environmental Consultants
Luke Owens
Suzanne Paton Fish and Wildlife Service
Jeff Peil Vesper
Steve Pelletier Stantec
Kelly Perkins The Nature Conservancy
Trevor Peterson Stantec
Leighlan Prout White Moutain National Forest
James Pruitt West Chester University
Doug Raybuck Bat Conservation and Management
Noelle Rayman Fish and Wildlife Service
Richard Reynolds VA Dept. of Game & Fisheries
Scott Reynolds North East Ecological Services
Chris Sanders Sanders Environmental Inc.
Jeff Schwierjohann Copperhead Environmental Consulting
Kirk Silas Bat Conservation and Management
Todd Sinander Bat Conservation and Management
Ryan Slack Civil & Environmental Consultants Inc.
Steven E. Smith PA Dept. of Conservation & Nat. Resources
Sherwood Snyder Wildlife Acoustics Inc
Amanda Stasiewicz
Craig Stihler WVDNR
Leslie Sturges Save Lucy
Liedeke Sweitzer Delaware Tech. Community College
Kimmi Swift Delaware State University
Joeph Szewczak SonoBat
Greg Turner
Janet Tyburec Janet Tyburec Consulting
Paul Ullrich Wildlife Acoustics Inc
Ryan Von Linden NY State DEC
Susi von Oettingen US Fish and Wildlife Service
Kevina Vulinec Delaware State University
Jack Wallace WVDNR
Megan Wallrichs Delaware State University
Drew Wanke Wildlife Specialists
Mike Warner Speleobooks
Kristen Watrous Project Manager Stantec
Sandy Widden Dept of Bio, East Stroudsburg University
Lindsey Wight Stantec
Scott Wixsom US Forest Service
Stacy Wolbert Pennsylvania Game Commission
Mary Beth Wright Avinet Inc.
Risa Wright Missouri State University
Lindsey Wurts
David Yates Biodiversity Research Institute
Peter Youngbaer National Speleological Society

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